Account For It

Accounting Software for Small Business

AFI is an Accounting Software Package designed specifically for the Australian market for use by individuals and small to medium businesses who wish to maintain journals for their personal bank accounts. With this in mind the design has been kept as simple as possible. Minimal knowledge is required of accounting principles as AFI’s easy to follow design and built in procedures will ensure that inexperienced users can easily manage their accounts.

  • Entry of all your Cash Receipts and Cash Payments
  • Dissect individual Journal entries across multiple Receipt / Payment categories.
  • Automatic calculation of your current Bank Account balances.
  • Fast cross checking between entries appearing on your Bank Statements and those entered in AFI’s Cash Receipts and Cash Payments Journals.
  • Automatic reconciliation of your Bank Accounts to your Bank Statement.
  • Reporting of Outstanding Receipts and Payments.
  • Reporting of Monthly and Yearly Bank sub totals for each Receipt / Payment category.
  • Automatic End of Month and End of Year processing.
  • Multiple companies and bank accounts.
  • Create Invoices.
  • Automatically create cashbook entries for Invoice payments.
  • Keep track of Invoice payments and who owes you money.
  • Comprehensive help system to make initial setup easy.
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10.

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