Account For It

Accounting Software for Small Business
Accounting for Australian clients

“Account For It” is a simple to use accounting package designed specially for small businesses and sole traders working within the Australian Taxation system. It makes it easy for non accountants to enter their business transactions into the system using it’s intuitive grid layout. The user can easily categorise each transactions so that you always know where your money is going. There are numerous reports that provide the data required by the ATO hence reducing the time your Accountant needs to submit your returns.

The system is design so that small business owners and sole traders can spend more time earning money and less time doing their books,

Key Points

  • Accounting software for the non accountant.(Tax returns, Invoicing, BAS etc)
  • Made in Australia for Australian businesses.
  • Designed by accountants for their clients.
  • No accountancy jargon.
  • Limit your need for an accountant.
  • All the information your accountant will ever need.
  • Easy to use.
  • Spend your time doing business not accounting.

Try before you buy,  Download a trial version.